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Welcome to HAMS

Haensel AMS was founded in 2014 to provide you with innovative and outstanding machine learning and big data solutions.

Our vision is to bring smart data analytics to your company that will help you transform data and complexity into real opportunities and actions to grow your business.

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Our only internal KPI for success is that our solutions are fully used by you!

What makes us different?

We leverage mathematical expertise along with cutting-edge technology to bring you data-driven solutions that work for your unique business challenges.

  • Super-smart tech

    HAMS delivers practical, accurate, and math-based solutions for every challenge—and we'll have you up and running in no time.

  • You're the focus

    We tailor all of our solutions specifically for you, focusing on your unique needs, existing IT backend, and goals for growth.

  • We're in it together

    From our first talk, it's about collaboration. We'll work hard to achieve your best outcome, with long-lasting partnerships.

Alwin Haensel, PhD

At HAMS, we build smart analytics & technology solutions for our clients to bring them into daily use. We believe in data-driven tools and decision making, in the power of mathematics to capitalize on the value of data, and turning insights into action. We understand that every business challenge is unique, and that building tailored technology solutions is key to success. In the end, success for us means creating solutions that our clients love to use, and that they cannot imagine working without them.