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November 19, 2019

The premier machine learning conference, Predictive Analytics World for Business (PAW) is also in Berlin on 18-19 November, 2019, at Estrel Hotel, Berlin. The GUIDING THEME 2019 is: From Data Lab to Data Ops. It is the only conference of its kind that offers a vendor-neutral and cross-industry conference program on predictive analytics and machine learning.

Alwin Haensel, CEO & Founder will be delivering a very interesting and relevant topic: Attribution-What Do We Want and What Can Be Done? on 19th November. In this talk, Alwin will analyze and explain the different models seen in practice, how they perform in different contexts, what are the core ideas (coming from pure statistics, game theory, marketing science and machine learning) behind them and what are their pros & cons. And, he will also focus on how to turn descriptive attribution modelling into successful predictive usage.