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IHC Attribution

IHC is a new type multi-touch attribution model based on the mathematical framework of partial truth, also known as fuzzy logic, and the marketing science concept of customer interaction phases.

Within the customer journey the individual sessions are simultaneously related to each other by timing and engagement depth/ progress.

IHC is fully data-driven – the information you need is fortified constantly with the most current data. Our IHC model learns from every single customer journey, and it gets smarter as it goes.

Three Stage Customer Buying Process

A three phase interaction concept to model the customer’s buying process has been a pillar of marketing science for 30+ years, our solution brings the approach squarely to the digital age. IHC stands for the three interaction phases:

  • Initializer: awareness or attention phase
  • Holder: phase of product orientation and keeping the customer’s interest
  • Closer: the homestretch, checkout or action phase


Every individual customer journey is projected into the three phases. Hence the attribution results are not only quantifying the general attribution impact of each touch point, but also measuring the strength of campaigns in the respective I-H-C phases as well as cross correlations between different campaigns and interaction phases.

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In contrast to a Markov Chain or Shapley Value methodology, is the IHC attribution model working with all individual customer journey dimensions like timing, engagement progress and depth. Have a look at the following example evaluation of two customer journeys with the exact same channel order:

Customer Journey 1:

Customer Journey 2:

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