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Talk @ Predictive Analytics World for Industry 4.0

Predictive Analytics World for Industry
März 12, 2018

Talk @ Predictive Analytics World for Industry 4.0 12-13 June, 2018 – Munich

Predictive Analytics World is the leading vendor independent conference for applied predictive analytics around industry 4.0.

….latest trends and technologies in machine & deep learning for the era of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

Our talk is about the question: How is Predictive Analytics and AI Helping Cargonexx to evolutionize Truck Logistics?

Cargonexx an European digital trucking network with over 40k trucks for long distance trucking, uses AI techniques to run their network.
In this talk we are presenting the challenges and brief solutions approaches on our way to develop the pricing algorithm for Cargonexx, which is used to derive the current market price for each individual transport request in real-time.In the talk, we will focus on Cargonexx’s operational challenges and the predictive techniques applied to solve the specific needs.