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New York Office Hires First Director of Client Communications

June 18, 2020

Jamie Lipps, an award-winning Brooklyn-based media professional with experience in both private sector communications and higher education, is the newest addition to Haensel AMS.

Starting spring 2020, Jamie will serve as the company’s Director of Client Communications, a first for Haensel AMS. It’s his job to act as communications liaison between US clients and the analytics team in Berlin, while also working to strengthen the design of the brand’s print, digital, and marketing materials.

“I won’t be called on for my knowledge of algorithms, thankfully,” jokes Jamie, “but I will be here to make sure our brand looks its best, and to help facilitate communication between new clients and the analytics people.”

Jamie first met company founder and CEO Alwin Haensel in Berlin in the early 2000s, and was impressed with the young math student’s drive and determination. “I’d never met anyone so focused, and so solution-oriented. If he made up his mind to do something, he did it. There was never a question.”

And what is Jamie looking most forward to in his new role? “Well, the design part is fun, and sort of second nature. But I’m most excited to help new clients as they start to work with these guys, making sure I give them a seamless transition into their journey with us. It can be intimidating, I know—just the term ‘data science’ scares some of us! But part of Alwin’s and his team’s philosophy is that they’re just people, and that they’ll be here for their clients every step of the way. I know them, and I know what determined men and women they are. That’s not spin, it’s just the people. It’s them. It’s how they do business.”

Jamie Lipps began his new position with Haensel AMS on June 1, 2020.