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Prototyping Framework for Machine Learning Projects

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Prototyping Framework for Machine Learning Projects

We provide a streamlined prototyping framework for the complex, unpredictable and not really measurable process in machine learning and data analytics MVP or prototyping projects.

The work is performed in a fixed timeline of 2-3 month and ends with an MVP or beta version. No more struggle with: blocking of internal resources, overdue deadlines, or that costs are going through the roof.

Check out our case study video on logistics network evaluation & optimization:

Prototyping with data


  • Develop of a prototype that fulfill your specific requirements.
  • Solution within fix times.
  • Full machine learning model development within just 12 weeks.
  • Option to develop a beta version of the prototype system that can already be integrated and tested within a live system.

Our Prototyping Framework

How it works

1.  Clear definition of the goal and the data-based business case idea.

2.  Data collection and cleaning.

3.  Model development (data and machine learning model), demo on historic data or within a simulation framework.

*Final delivery presentation after 12 week.

4.  MVP development, usually real-time system with a webservice API endpoint to be integrated in other systems for testing or even as a beta product version.

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