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Event Data Tracking & Customer Journey Mapping

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Event Data Tracking and Customer Journey Building

Track and analyze individual customer journey events across all channels and devices from your website, IoT device or your app, providing  precise and comprehensive insights into all stages of the customer journey. Get actionable insights about your customer’s behaviour from initial awareness to purchase.

Understanding customer touchpoints through customer journey mapping will allow you go forward by evaluating the interaction between consecutive touchpoints in the customer journey and hence the performance & engagement within a session.

AWS Technology

Tracking Benefits

  • Collect and store information about every event you want.
  • Data is collected on your AWS account.
  • Stay in full control of your data.
  • No usage limits and full data access.
  • Tracking system setup within days.
  • Serverless, robust and extremely scalable.

Build your own Data System

With our event data tracking solution, you have the foundation to truly understand your customers’ individual needs, and build the data system you need.

Besides, you will stay in full control of your data by having it stored in infrastructure owned by you.

Are you ready to take your data to the next level with our  Attribution & Customer Journey Solution ?

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