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Customer Data Infrastructure & Insights

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Customer Data Infrastructure & Insights

Fully tailored ecommerce Customer Data Infrastructure & Insights

We setup a complete ecommerce Customer Data Infrastructure & Insights (CDI2) on your cloud infrastructure, i.e. AWS, GCP or Azure. We never collect data for our clients on our infrastructure – our technology is implemented and tailored on your infrastructure and hence you are always in full control and in full data ownership.

When you partner with us, you can look forward to:

  • a CDI2 that’s unchallenged & internal
  • ground truth system
  • 360º view on customers
  • BI queries answered in no time
  • constant full data access
  • support to bring insights into actions

Your CDI2 means:

(1) Combining all data sources.

(2) Obtaining full data ownership and control.

(3) Understanding individual customers’ interactions.

(4) Bringing data into insights and actions.


For for information – please contact us!

CDI2 Elements

  • Event Data Tracking (client-side, server-side, own tracking domain)
  • ETL pipeline for parsing all data
  • User-matching algorithm
  • IHC attribution module
  • Integration of you CRM and backend
  • API connections to various 3rd party platforms
  • Database setup for different reporting aggregation levels, which can be easily connected to various internal reporting or dashboard systems
  • PowerBI based dashboard with multiple views, which can be further tailored according to your needs

Are you ready to take your data to the next level with our  Attribution & Customer Journey Solution ?

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