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Attribution & Customer Journey Analytics

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Attribution & Customer Journey Analytics

Our completely data-driven attribution model evaluates every touchpoint in the customer journey and helps you to optimize your entire media mix.

With our innovative multi-touch attribution model called IHC: Initializer, Holder and Closer, you can evaluate the impact of each touchpoint of the individual customer journey. The three-phase concept of interaction has been a pillar of marketing science for 30 years, but our solution now brings the approach directly into the digital age. IHC is completely data-driven – the information you need is constantly enriched with the most up-to-date data. Our IHC model learns from every single customer journey, and it’s getting smarter all the time.

What makes our attribution model what you need?

  • Cross-channel and cross-device results
  • A state-of-the-art interaction-based attribution model
  • Real cost effects of campaigns

Check out how IHC attribution insights helps improving marketing performance – a case study:

Join our webinar where we discuss the new gold standard in multi-touch attribution modelling, “IHC Attribution”:

We also analyze the IHC attribution results and which information we can obtain from the IHC view on attribution and customer journey analytics:

In this webinar we’ll focus on the IHC attribution model and find out how to evaluate marketing campaigns based on IHC results:

IHC Attribution
  • Initializer : The awareness phase, where the user initially compares different vendors and starts exploring them.
  • Holder : The keeping interest and product orientation phase: The user is comparing different products and offers, and is regularly enganging.
  • Closer : The phase where the action takes place, the “checkout” phase, or “closing” the deal: placing items in a basket, creating an account, steps in the checkout, etc.

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What is it?

Our IHC interaction phase model evaluates all CJ touch points, with their engagement, follow-up times, etc. Using a state of the art fuzzy logic/ partial truth approach. We can evaluate the impact and value of each touch point within the buying process.

IHC provides

Main benefits

Availability of detailed customer data is of course essential. We can help you building your own Customer Data Infrastructure & Insights.

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