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Attribution & Customer Journey Analytics

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Attribution and Customer Journey Analytics

Data-driven evaluation of individual customer journeys to optimize the media mix and targeted campaigns.

With our advanced data-driven IHC attribution model you can evaluate the impact of every single interaction in the multi-device, multi-touch customer journey to optimize marketing performance and campaigns within the multi-channel mix, as well as the overall profitability. Our tailor-made algorithm model with cutting-edge attribution provides reliable and useful insights.

Availability of detailed customer data is essential. If you don’t have it, please go to our Event Data Tracking Solution

IHC Attribution
  • Initializer : The phase where the user  initially compares different vendors and the interaction has begun.
  • Holder : The product orientation phase: Comparing different products, prices, sizes and material, etc.
  • Closer : The “checkout” phase, or “closing” the deal: placing items in a basket, creating an account, filling out the delivery address, etc.

Case Studies

What is it?

Our IHC interaction phase model takes all customer journey touch points, with their engagement, follow-up times, etc., into account. Using a state of the art Fuzzy Logic approach, we can evaluate the impact and value of each touch point within the buying process.

What does it deliver?

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