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Attribution & Customer Journey Analytics

August 14, 2018

Data-driven evaluation of individual customer journeys to optimize the media mix and targeted campaigns. With our advanced data-driven IHC attribution approach you can evaluate the impact of all interactions in the full multi touch customer journey to optimize marketing actions and campaigns within the multi-channel mix, as well as the overall profitability.more

Event Data Tracking & Customer Journey

August 7, 2018

Track all event data from your website, IoT device or in your app across all channels and devices, providing a precise and comprehensive insight into all touchpoints of the customer journey. Having an adequate data tracking will allow you go forward by evaluating the interaction between consecutive touchpoints in the customer journeys and hence the performance & engagement within a session.more

Prototyping Framework for Machine Learning Projects

August 7, 2018

We provide a streamlined prototyping framework for the complex, unpredictable and not really measurable process in machine learning and data analytics MVP or prototyping projects. The work is performed in a fixed timeline of 2-3 month and ends with an MVP or beta version. No more struggle with: blocking of internal resources, overdue deadlines, or that costs are going through the roof.more

Customer Centric Demand and Pricing Models

August 7, 2018

Every customer interaction is unique, so it is essential to build customer-centric models and applications. We build tailored models using advanced machine learning algorithms and choice models. These approaches can then be easily integrated in customer-focused applications such as demand forecasting, pricing optimization, general pricing strategies or recommendations.  more

Real-Time Prediction & Recommendation Systems

August 7, 2018

We are specialized at building reliable and accurate prediction and recommendations systems, usually cloud based API systems, which provide optimal results tailored for your applications and needs.  more