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(Junior) Data Scientist/ Machine Learning Developer

Required Skills

  • Skill 1 : A degree in Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics or other similar quantitative fields.
  • Skill 2 : Deep understanding of Statistical / Machine Learning methods, e.g. Markov Chain, Bayesian models, Time-series modeling, etc.
  • Skill 3 : Data engineering skills, such as building ETL pipelines, data checks & monitoring
  • Skill 4 : Ability to create innovative technical concepts to solve real-world Machine Learning problems - we don't do research, we provide outstanding solutions used in practice ;-)
  • Skill 5 : High interest in the BI aspects of the Data Science work, in terms of visualizing, reporting and supporting the usage of analytics insights.
  • Skill 6 : Passion to develop a great product as part of an agile team.
  • Skill 7 : Writing Python code that is used in production.
  • Skill 8 : Bias towards fast delivery while having high-quality standards.
  • Skill 9 : Craving to constantly learn and apply newly learned concepts and techniques.
  • Additional preferred skills : Experience with AWS (EC2, S3, EMR, Lambda)

Your role

  • 1 : Further, develop our models and solutions.
  • 2 : Test new approaches and techniques.
  • 3 : Support our clients in terms of data usages for insights generation.
  • 4 : Be accountable for all aspects of your work, from research and analysis to testing and deployment.
  • 5 : Play a critical role in your team as a creative Data Scientist working at the production level.
  • 6 : Working on various analytics projects.
If you are interested in applying to this position send us your CV and cover letter.