Smart Farming

Precision farming offers many possibilities, but without smart data analysis the overall impacts and performances of processes, treatments, etc. stay unknown. Smart farmers need to move from guessing to knowing.


The information flow between application and machines is extremely important. Here we support farmers to collect and store their data. We further support the enrichment of the data with weather information and to perform data analysis tasks to increase overall performance and yields.

Smart Agriculture Haensel AMS service
Smart Agriculture Haensel AMS service Farming Fox

Farming Fox

With our smart farming App Farming Fox, farmers can store all Agrirouter data in one central place and evaluate it in the future with intelligent algorithms.


As your Agrirouter archive, Farming Fox collects and stores all files and messages within the Agrirouter network, such as task data files, machine logs, etc. This data collection is the essential basis for any future performance analysis.

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